Sandtray Therapy


What is Sandtray Therapy?

"Sandplay allows a moment within the client that is profoud. It identifies unspoken issues and brings solutions. Sandplay is for everyone. Children love it. Adults marvel at it"

- M. Garvan

  • Works by placing miniature figurines, chosen from hundreds representing real life and fantasy, into trays filled with natural sand
  • Sides of the tray are painted blue to create illusions of sky
  • Digging uncovers the blue bottom, or the representation of water
  • Deceivingly simple, but a powerful way to bring the subconscious to consciousness
  • Uncovers old and new emotions
  • Neuro-connections between the right and left hemispheres facilitate healing
  • The therapist acts as a witness and holds the space safe and protected
  • Trays are not interpreted as images take time to move into consciousness
  • The client leaves with a multi-dimensional scene to reflect on
  • A photograph is taken of the finished tray to review at later sessions
  • Sandtray therapy is a process of change that works from the inside out. Try it. It really works!
  • For more information on Sandtray Therapy, please watch these videos
    Sandtray Therapy for Children
    Sandtray Therapy for Adults