The Playroom


  • Designed as a space to play out a wide array of emotions and behaviors
  • Warm lighting, natural materials and soft colors nurture and invite children and families to play


  • Dress-up and puppets encourage role-play and exploration of alternative scenarios
  • Aggression-release toys allow for healthy and safe exploration of pent-up feelings
  • Art, drama and music promote self-expression 


  • Cozy home-life sections (with more than one house) allow children to play out familiar situations and alternative scenarios 
  • Real life toys including a hospital, police station, school, and courtroom help explore issues within their world  
  • Dust free sand is safe for those with allergies or asthma

The Den


  • A relaxing room away from toys reserved for preteens, teens, young adults and groups
  • Warm colors and soft, natural materials 
  • Calming lighting and scents
  • Therapeutic board games and music help break down emotional barriers
  • Opportunity for sandtray work  as well as expressive art therapies