Individual Therapy


  • Play is a child’s language, and toys are their words
  • Play is the natural way children exhibit emotions, concerns and experiences
  • Children ‘play out’ vs adults who ‘talk out’ feeling and problems
  • Play with purpose helps release pent-up feelings such as aggression, anxiety or fear 
  • Sandtrays help play out real life scenarios through miniature figurines, symbols and metaphors
  • Children are encouraged to deal with, master and grow past obstacles

Preteens, Teens and Young Adults

  • Adolescents and young adults experience anxiety, depression,,, as adults do and often don't ‘outgrow it’
  • If dealt with early on, problems have a better chance of becoming resolved
  • Traditional talk therapy is always available, dependent on the needs of the client
  • Feelings and upsetting events from earlier childhood can be resolved
  • Cards and board games are used to help lower emotional barriers
  • Sandtray work offers insight for those tired of talking or unsure of what’s wrong


  • Traditional talk psychotherapy is individualized to help meet various treatment goals 
  • Sandtray work offers new perspectives and solutions for those tired of talking, stuck and at a loss for words, or unsure of what’s wrong
  • Special hours reserved for adult clientele